GUTEX Thermowall® ETICS

Ecological external thermal insulation composite system

Use of suitable, high quality building products is the key to providing you with a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. GUTEX‘s external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), consisting of a single-ply homogeneous wood fibre insulating boards plus render, is exceptionally ecological and superbly fulfils these criteria. With their premium finished appearance, excellent suitability, workability, and building authority certification, GUTEX’s high-quality, natural building products deliver even more than you would expect from an external thermal insulation composite system.

  • GUTEX Thermowall®
  • GUTEX Thermowall®-gf
  • GUTEX Thermowall®-L


  • Non-vented wood and masonry walls
  • As per DIN 4108-10: DI-zg, DEO-ds, WAP-zh, WAB-ds
  • Directly over timber framed structures
  • Over wall boards, composite or solid wood
  • Over solid wood
  • Over masonry substrates
  • Over masonry substrates covered by wood frame
  • Over half-timbered walls (fastened to wood frame)

GUTEX Thermowall® ETICS

  • European Technical Approval 
  • Impact resistant
  • Improves acoustic insulation
  • Consistently uniform board dimensions make installation quicker and easier
  • Homogeneous, single-ply construction
  • Optimum thermal insulation
  • Superior thermal storage capacity provides outstanding insulation against heat in summer and cold in winter
  • Regulates humidity and is vapour diffusion permeable
  • Manufactured from wood, a sustainable natural resource
  • Recyclable
  • Biologically safe (natureplus© certified)
  • Made in Germany 

Certificates & Test marks

  • ue-660-s-holz
  • ue-942-s-mineral
  • np_0300-0701-046-2
  • np_0104-0604-012-2
  • emas-143-00002-din14001-2009-de
  • epd-ibu-iso14025
  • tuev-12853-iso9001
  • ce-04
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GUTEX Thermowall® ETICS