GUTEX Durio®

Facade Insulation System

GUTEX Durio®, the new eco facade insulation system from GUTEX, allows you to design as you fancy. Whether render, wood, slate or even zinc, there is now no limit to where your imagination can take you. With Durio®, you won't just feel good about the way your house looks; you'll feel good about the way it feels when you're inside, thanks to the system's ecological wood fibre, which creates an amazingly wholesome indoor climate.

The façade insulation system comprises a timber frame that installs via special-purpose fasteners. This structure clads with GUTEX Durio® Thermowall, ecological wood fibreboard specially designed for the Durio® system. GUTEX Thermofibre®, a wood fibre blow-in insulation, fills the empty spaces behind the exterior cladding.

Usually older buildings are more difficult to refurbish with new energy efficient facades. Durio® changes that. Now such buildings can regain their lost splendour whilst becoming more energy efficient, more comfortable and more valuable. GUTEX trains and certifies carpenters and roofers to install this exciting new façade system.

  • GUTEX Thermowall® Durio
  • GUTEX Thermofibre®
  • GUTEX Thermoflex®


  • Over solid wood
  • Over masonry substrates
  • Over half-timbered walls (fastened to wood frame)

GUTEX Durio®

  • Specifically designed for the energy refurbishment of masonry and half-timbered structures
  • Ideally suited for uneven, out of plumb, damaged or unsound substrates, and old render
  • Carpenters, framers or roofers can install the system using their usual techniques and equipment
  • Prep work to substrates involving the use of adhesives or fillers is not required 
  • Installers can even up protrusions and recesses or create them
  • Installers can even out round spots and curves or create them
  • Installs without problem on buildings having mixed cladding (e.g. due to additions, etc.)
  • System acoustically decouples new facade from building
  • New services install with minimum disturbance of inhabitants thanks to space gained between old and new facades
  • 5-year warranty if installed fully compliant to GUTEX specifications for specific project (determined by GUTEX field rep)

Certificates & Test marks

  • ue-660-s-holz
  • ue-942-s-mineral
  • np_0104-0604-012-2
  • np_0300-0701-046-2
  • emas-143-00002-din14001-2009-de
  • epd-ibu-iso14025
  • tuev-12853-iso9001
  • ce-04
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