GUTEX Roof Refurbishment

The roof system with rain-tight and hail-resistant sarking and moisture regulating between-rafter insulation

Refurbishing roofs with a GUTEX system is an investment that is sure to pay future dividends. The GUTEX Roof Refurbishment system includes GUTEX Ultratherm®, a rain-tight, hail-withstanding sarking board and between-rafter insulation in the form of GUTEX Thermofibre®, a highly efficient, moisture-regulating blow-in wood fibre product or GUTEX Thermoflex®, a flexible wood fibre batten. Combined with our system partner’s air barrier, this system delivers what its certification promises, whilst saving you money and preserving the environment. Further advantages include superb protection against cold, heat and noise.

  • GUTEX Multiplex-top®
  • GUTEX Thermofibre®
  • GUTEX Thermoflex®
  • GUTEX Ultratherm®


  • Upgrading of insulation in new and old buildings
  • Rain-tight sarking
  • Sheathing of timber frame structures (vented facades)
  • As per DIN 4108-10: DI-zg, DEO-ds, WAP-zh, WAB-ds
  • Sarking board type UDP-A as per ZDVH code
  • To be used pursuant to VHD, BDF, DHV associations' codes

GUTEX Roof Refurbishment

  • No additional covering or taping of joints is necessary for roofs with pitches exceeding 15°
  • Suitable as temporary roof covering (max. 3 months)
  • Makes structures wind-tight
  • Adhesive nail, tapes or sealants are not required
  • Reduces thermal bridging
  • Consistently uniform board dimensions make installation quicker and easier
  • Homogeneous, single-ply construction
  • Ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing structures
  • Sorptive between-rafter insulation provides effective moisture control
  • Guaranteed by Germany's Association of Roofers
  • Superior thermal storage capacity provides outstanding insulation against heat in summer and cold in winter
  • Improves acoustic insulation
  • Regulates humidity and is vapour diffusion permeable
  • Manufactured from wood, a sustainable natural resource
  • Recyclable
  • Biologically safe (natureplus© certified)
  • Made in Germany

Certificates & Test marks

  • np_0104-0604-012-2
  • emas-143-00002-din14001-2009-de
  • epd-ibu-iso14025
  • tuev-12853-iso9001
  • ce-04
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