GUTEX Multiplex-top®

Rain-tight sarking board

  • 22
  • 28
  • 35
  • 2500x750 mm

λD (W/mK) 0,044

Thickness 22 mm and 28 mm is currently unavailable. Please contact us for alternative options.


  • In above rafter constructions as sarking or wall insulation over GUTEX Thermosafe-homogen
  • All GUTEX Multiplex-top boards are suitable for installation directly over rafters.
  • DIN 4108-10: DAD-ds, DEO-ds, WAB-ds
Technical Data

GUTEX Multiplex-top®

  • Extra covering or taping of the joints is unnecessary
  • Suitable as temporary roof covering (max. 3 months)
  • Makes structures wind-tight
  • Adhesive nail tapes or sealants are not required.
  • Reduces thermal bridging
  • Guaranteed by Germany's Association of Roofers
  • Consistently uniform board dimensions make installation quicker and easier
  • Homogeneous, single-ply construction
  • Ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing structures
  • Superior thermal storage capacity provides outstanding insulation against heat in summer and cold in winter
  • Improves acoustic insulation
  • Regulates humidity and is vapour diffusion permeable
  • Manufactured from wood, a sustainable natural resource
  • Recyclable
  • Biologically safe (natureplus© certified)
  • Made in Germany

Certificates & Test marks

  • tuev-12853-iso9001
  • np_0104-0604-012-2
  • emas-143-00002-din14001-2009-de
  • epd-ibu-iso14025
  • ce-04
Technical Data

Please follow the following instructions carefully:

  • Always store the boards in a dry place. Only install the boards if they are dry.
  • Always install the boards so the side with the marking is exposed on the exterior of the building.
  • Max. rafter distance (centre-to-centre):
  • Install the boards lengthwise with exact fit for tight joints.
  • Avoid walking on areas between the rafters.
  • Immediately install battens after installing boards.
  • Adhesive nail tapes or sealants are not required.
  • Avoid cross joints.
  • Do not use damaged boards.
  • As a rule, the boards install perpendicular to rafters.
  • Stagger butted side joints with the next row’s joint being centred no closer than the next rafter.
  • All seams and roof joints must be properly sealed with the GUTEX Joint Sealing Kit to prevent the ingression of rain, e.g.
  • Always install the boards so that their tongues point upwards.
  • The boards do not provide suitable structural support or stability.
  • GUTEX Multiplex-top is not a load-bearing structural element (e.g. snow)
  • Avoid exposure to high levels of moisture (e.g. wet screed) on the interior sides of the boards.
  • Vacuum off the dust in accordance with applicable workplace safety regulations or practices.
Excerpt from "Guidelines for Roofing with Tiles"
  • If the roof pitch does not exceed the minimum roof pitch and there are not more than three of the requirement-raising factors present, it is not necessary to tape the board joints.
  • If the roof pitch is 8 ° less that specified standard, and up to three of the requirement-raising factors are present, it is not necessary to tape the board joints.
  • If the roof pitch is 8 ° less that specified standard, a sub roof is required.
  • Factors that may raise requirements are: roof pitch, construction, use, climate and local regulations/conditions.