GUTEX Happy Step®

The ideal underlay for high-quality, interior floor coverings

  • 6
  • 860x590 mm

λD (W/mK) 0,046


  • Underlay for pre-finished engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring 
  • Over concrete, screed, poured asphalt, wood, sub-floor boards and dry screed elements
  • DIN 4108-10: DEO-ds
Technical Data

GUTEX Happy Step®

  • Suitable for impact sound insulation retrofitting (see certified assemblies) 
  • Depending on the floor construction, it can improve the impact sound insulation by up to 30 dB
  • Impact softening makes floors more pleasant to walk on
  • Fast installation
  • Fewer tools required for installation
  • Ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing structures
  • Regulates humidity and is vapour diffusion permeable
  • Manufactured from wood, a sustainable natural resource
  • Recyclable
  • Biologically safe (natureplus© certified)
  • Made in Germany

Certificates & Test marks

  • ce-04
  • emas-143-00002-din14001-2009-de
  • np_0201-0710-012-1
  • tuev-12853-iso9001
  • ue-15810-16
Technical Data

Please follow the following instructions carefully:

  • To ensure proper performance, uncompromising compliance to the flooring manufacturer's guidelines is necessary!
  • Store and install this product dry.
  • Protect this product against moisture.
  • Substrate must be dry, even and technically sound.
  • Use GUTEX flooring knife or a sharp carpet knife to cut.
  • Vacuum off the dust in accordance with applicable workplace safety regulations or practices.
  • Avoid cross joints.
  • Maintain 1 cm distance to wall.
  • If installing over radiant heat, integrate R-values in design plans (see technical data).
  • If an adhesive must be used (e.g. carpeting), use a carpet adhesive to glue GUTEX Happy Step.
Layout pattern:
Floor Constructions for Different Floor Coverings:


  • Glue full surface of GUTEX Happy Step with carpet adhesive to the sub-floor.
  • Glue cork (minimum of 6 mm) with carpet adhesive to GUTEX Happy Step.


  • Glue GUTEX Happy Step to the sub-floor with full adhesive coverage.
  • Glue the carpet.
  • If carpets are used, the seams may show through.
  • Not suitable for wheelchairs. Avoid applying excessive pressure to specific points, as this may create permanent recesses.

Prefinished engineered wood flooring/ Laminate flooring

  • Install GUTEX Happy Step, so that it floats.
  • Install engineered flooring or laminate, so that it floats (compliant to manufacturer‘s instructions).
  • If the substrate is subject to moisture ingress, provide suitable moisture protection.