Insulation in Summer

Wood – the ideal insulation material

Of all building materials, wood has the greatest thermal storage capacity. GUTEX insulation, being made from wood, has this feature and for this reason contributes greatly to creating a pleasant indoor climate in summer when it’s hot outdoors. GUTEX wood fibre insulation absorbs more heat, stores it longer (time lag factor) and better dampens the flow of warmth to the interior areas (decrement factor), allowing less heat to reach these areas. So even when the heat outdoors is brutal and relentless, inside you stay cool in a pleasant environment.

Especially when the seasons are changing and temperatures vary greatly from day to night, wood’s thermal storage capacity is of enormous assistance in regulating indoor temperatures and thus lowering the need for heating. 

With wood fibre insulation, your house is always comfortable, in every season! 

The following example demonstrates the effectiveness of wood fibre insulation:

The time lag (time it takes for heat to reach building interior from building exterior through insulation) for 180-mm GUTEX Thermosafe-homogen insulation is 10 hours. With a temperature fluctuation of 21° C, as shown in the diagram, the temperature fluctuation of the air in the interior of the building is 3° C. (Decrement factor = 7).

What is the best way to insulate against summer heat?

Besides the usual constructional factors, like location and size of the windows, air and wind tightness of the building and ventilated construction, the choice of the right insulation material is decisive.

The ideal insulation material has: 

  • High volumetric heat capacity due to high density and high specific thermal capacity
  • Low thermal conductivity