Fire Protection

To feel secure, you have to feel safe

What happens in the event of a fire? How long can wood fibreboards withstand fire? Something no one who considers using wood fibre insulation, of course, wishes to experience first-hand, but nevertheless, something that requires an answer. Let us reassure you, GUTEX wood fibreboards display fire resistance that is so effective, they may be used in constructions tested and approved for 90 minutes of fire resistance.

Important to mention here is that each state in Germany makes and manages its own fire protection laws for buildings, so regulations may vary from state to state. However, all regulations stipulate requirements as to the combustibility of building materials and the duration in minutes of building elements’ resistance to fire. Wood fibre insulation is rated as normal flammable and means it is permitted for use in buildings up to Class 3 (limited height), which are typically 2.5 to 3 storey structures.

GUTEX insulation boards easily satisfy the legal fire protection requirements for such buildings. Our Technical Assistance department will gladly provide you with verification for the fire resistance duration of roof and wall structures.